Soaps and Such By Katrina

GLYCERIN SOAP's are an all natural soap that contains NO DETERGENTS OR PERFUMES.
What does this mean to you?  It means that you are using a soap which is beneficial to your  body.  Natural Glycerin Soaps DO NOT strip away your natural oils but works with your natural oils to keep your skin healthy and replenished.  
Glycerin is a humectant, which means that it draws moisture from the air to your skin to keep it hydrated as you go about your daily activities. 
NATURAL GLYCERIN SOAP for the entire family!  All natural and beneficial as a whole body soap.  A soap that you and your body will love.  
My soaps are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (does not clog pores). My soaps are made from premium vegetable base glycerin and include a light relaxing scent and opaque coloring.
Great Gifts for all Occasions
- Bed and Breakfast
- Hotels and Motels
- Weddings
- Birthdays
- Get Well
- Prom
- Thank You
- Congratulations
- Relaxation/Vacation
- Love & Romance
- Friends
- Mother's Day
- Valentine’s Day
- Just Because
- Corporate Gifts
- Pampering Yourself
- Weekend Getaways
- Holiday Company  
- Christmas Gifts
- Special Events
- And many more!
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NC State Certified Home Processor  
Since October 2012

Soaps and Such By Katrina

2013 ends and 2014 begins

by Katrina Hoyle on 12/30/13

As we sit and reflect back over the events of 2013 we are amazed with how our business has grown and the blessings that the Lord has showered on us. At this time we would like to say Thank You Lord for your blessings on us and Thank You to our customers who supported us throughout the year. We could not do what we do without the Lords guidance and direction and you our customers. We want to say THANK YOU AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to each one of you. We look forward to seeing you in 2014 at the Historic Marion Tailgate Market and at local events in McDowell and surrounding counties. From Hoyle's Soap Plants and Stitchery to you...God Bless Each One of You in 2014.

Fall Events for 2013

by Katrina Hoyle on 10/02/13

Octoberfest in Old Fort, NC Mt Glory Festival in Marion, NC St. John's Arts Festival in Marion, NC These are the upcoming events which are taking place locally. We hope to get the opportunity to visit with you at one of these locations. Thanking GOD for HIS many BLESSINGS and the opportunity to be busy and productive as we travel on in this journey called life. Nothing more fulfilling than knowing that I am right where the Lord wants me to be, and to see the confirmation daily. God Bless! Don't forget to Pray!!!

Fall is in the air

by Katrina Hoyle on 09/16/13

Our business continues to grow THANKS to each one of you and your support.  We also want to send out SPECIAL THANKS to Miss Marandia who helped us throughout the summer months.  She is now back in school and studying harder than ever.  We continue our weekly spot with The Historic Marion Tailgate Market which has been in full swing since May with Local Produce and Fresh Baked Goodies.  We are now transitioning into the Local Fall Produce (which includes greens, turnips, sweet potatoes, fall lettuce, honey, jams, jellies) along with the Fresh Baked Goodies (which includes sourdough breads, cupcakes, cookies)  that you have come to expect at the Market.  We also started bringing in Local Handmade Crafters, who will be at the Market throughout the latter part of the Market season.  Local  Crafters started on September 3rd and will be available until December 17th.  Come out and show your support of these folks and the products that they produce and bring to the market.  We are also still committed to the Marketplace at the Mills which takes place at the Union Mills Learning Center every Friday night from 5pm til 9pm.  Marketplace at the Mills and Music at the Mills is a great local event for families to gather together and enjoy a good meal, Great Musicians and Music and to interact with Local Artisans.  Come out and visit the Union Mills Learning Center and see what a wonderful job the Board Members and Community are doing with this Old School.  Their efforts are very obvious in the improvements that have taken place in the 2012 and 2013.  Lots of things happening and we want you to be a part.  Come and check it out for yourself and support your Local Musicians and Artisans.  Many other events that we will be participating in throughout the rest of the year,  We hope to get the opportunity to see you and spend some time chatting and catching up on what has been happening with you during 2013.  WELCOME TO FALL...YA'LL...

North Carolina Certified Home Processor

by Katrina Hoyle on 07/03/13

We are now a Certified Home Processor which affords us the opportunity to prepare and bake breads, cakes, cookies and other locally prepared goodies.  We are now baking up to 7 different varieties of breads which are available at the Historic Marion Tailgate Market and at Marketplace at the Mills.  Come and see us at these locations and check out the Locally Made Breads and Snacks.  Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Summer Intern

by Katrina Hoyle on 05/23/13

We are pleased to announce that Miss Marandia Noles will be working with us throughout the summer months while she is out of school for the summer break.  She will be helping out at the shop and at the greenhouse as well as accompaning us to special events and festivals.  Please help us make her feel welcome.  WELCOME ABOARD MISS MARANDIA.

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Mr. Randy & Mrs. Katrina October 2013
Mr. Randy petting the kitty
Mr. Randy---The Maintenance Man
Mrs. Katrina working the Market
Mr. Randy & Mrs. Katrina September 2011
Mrs. Katrina working the booth
Mrs. Katrina running the camera
Mrs. Katrina running the camera
Stitchery by Katrina Crochet Student
Stitchery by Katrina Crochet Student
Stitchery by Katrina Crochet Student