Soaps and Such By Katrina

GLYCERIN SOAP's are an all natural soap that contains NO DETERGENTS OR PERFUMES.
What does this mean to you?  It means that you are using a soap which is beneficial to your  body.  Natural Glycerin Soaps DO NOT strip away your natural oils but works with your natural oils to keep your skin healthy and replenished.  
Glycerin is a humectant, which means that it draws moisture from the air to your skin to keep it hydrated as you go about your daily activities. 
NATURAL GLYCERIN SOAP for the entire family!  All natural and beneficial as a whole body soap.  A soap that you and your body will love.  
My soaps are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (does not clog pores). My soaps are made from premium vegetable base glycerin and include a light relaxing scent and opaque coloring.
Great Gifts for all Occasions
- Bed and Breakfast
- Hotels and Motels
- Weddings
- Birthdays
- Get Well
- Prom
- Thank You
- Congratulations
- Relaxation/Vacation
- Love & Romance
- Friends
- Mother's Day
- Valentine’s Day
- Just Because
- Corporate Gifts
- Pampering Yourself
- Weekend Getaways
- Holiday Company  
- Christmas Gifts
- Special Events
- And many more!
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Since October 2012

Soaps and Such By Katrina

Snow Days

by Katrina Hoyle on 02/24/15

I like snow days for several different reasons.  The most important reason is that each time it snows and it is so clean and pristine it reminds me that when I asked JESUS into my life and HE SAVED ME that he also WASHED ME AS WHITE AS THE SNOW.  No good in me but all that I am is BECAUSE OF HIM. 

Another reason I like the snow is because GOD creates beautiful art and none can compare to the beauty of fresh fallen snow and the quiet solitude that it brings.  The covering which makes all things look new and undisturbed.  Which is where I desire to be in my Christian walk---ever aware of the greatness of God and the awe of that still small voice, while discovering the new blessings that he showers into my life every hour of every day.

Then last it brings me to a place within myself where I am focused and productive to the planning needed to work and process business ideas for new projects and patterns.  This quiet solitude and beauty can really stir up the thinking process.

So as you can see I like the snow because I realize it comes from my Heavenly Father and he knows what is best for me and for the land.  I consider it one of HIS BLESSINGS and I choose to enjoy it.

2015 is on a roll

by Katrina Hoyle on 02/02/15

Hello to each one of you and welcome to 2015.  It has been a cold January, but what can we say...It is January.  However, now we have moved into February and this makes us one month closer to spring.  Can you feel it...Love is in the air.  We have lots of goodies for your SPECIAL VALENTINE.  Some items that we will be offering will be CHOCOLATE covered STRAWBERRIES...CHOCOLATE covered PECANS...PEANUT BUTTER BALLS dipped in CHOCOLATE...RED VELVET cupcakes...GERMAN CHOCOLATE cupcakes...BIG COOKIE VALENTINE HEARTS with Butter Cream Icing and Chocolate Candy Roses.  Give us a call and get your order placed before the rush hits.  HAPPY FEBRUARY EVERYONE and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Courtesy Statement 2015

by Katrina Hoyle on 01/06/15

It is my intention that others enjoy each and every thing that we make with our own hands.  With that being said...These patterns and their photos are property of Hoyle's Son-Shine Greenhouse and More and and are intended for personal use only.  Please do not copy, sell or reproduce these photos or these patterns in any way.  We THANK YOU for your support, encouragement and respect shown to us and our products.

Growth Info for 2015

by Katrina Hoyle on 01/06/15

Just in case you did not know, we thought that we would share with you our growth from 2007 until 2014.  Our business has grown to include several categories and we are super excited about this growth.  We are known as HOYLE'S SON-SHINE GREENHOUSE AND MORE and our website address is a descriptive summary of what this includes.  We are made up of 4 sub-categories which includes:  Breads By Katrina...Soaps By Katrina...Plants by Katrina and Stitchery By Katrina.  As you can tell from the titles I manage to stay very busy.  And if you know me personally then you know that I am OCD about organization and planning.  I read a book by a successful person who I thought offered some great advice to every breathing human being.  Here is a quote from that book.  "If you are going to DREAM, you are going to have to put some WINGS on those dreams, and some FEET and some FINGERS and some HANDS.  You can't just sit around and THINK of all the things you WANT TO DO and expect success to come to you."  written by Dolly Pardon

Year Ending Update for 2014

by Katrina Hoyle on 01/06/15

2014 was a wonderful year for us.  We managed to stay connected with our customers while adding new customers to our growing list of friends.  We are most THANKFUL to our Lord for his many blessings, protection and providence.  We are also THANKFUL to each one of our customers for your continued support and encouragement.  Your friendship and support is what keeps us going year after year.  Thank You again and we look forward to seeing you soon as we continue to travel this pathway called life and continue to grow and improve the business of HOYLE' SON-SHINE GREENHOUSE AND MORE that the Lord has so richly blessed us with. 

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Mr. Randy & Mrs. Katrina October 2013
Mr. Randy petting the kitty
Mr. Randy---The Maintenance Man
Mrs. Katrina working the Market
Mr. Randy & Mrs. Katrina September 2011
Mrs. Katrina working the booth
Mrs. Katrina running the camera
Mrs. Katrina running the camera
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